How does it feel it to be the last-known person to speak a language? Does it make you feel utterly lonely? How does a language, once spoken by thousands, reach the point of extinction?

The Last Taushiro (video above) is the story of Amadeo García García, who is the last person who to speak Taushiro. This dying language, once spoken by a thousand-strong tribe in Peru, has been around for centuries.

The tribe is today survived by a sole García, who now lives in the remote village of Intuto in the interiors of the Amazonian jungles in Peru. Having lost his parents and his brother to illnesses, García now has no one to talk to in Taushiro, which has been preserved so far through use within and between families.

Although he has five children, none of them lives with him, or understands Taushiro. And so the linguistic legacy of an entire tribe now rests on Amadeo García García.