Every year, soldiers from the Indian Army practise vigorously for the annual Army Day celebrations on January 15. However, the rehearsals took a dangerous turn as three soldiers, while slithering down a rope from a helicopter, fell from it and plummeted to the ground. The video above captured the incident, which occurred on January 9 at the Parade Ground in Delhi Cantonment.

Slithering is an exercise in which troops use ropes attached to a helicopter to slide down to areas of operation. The rope snapped, with the likely cause being material failure in the boom of the Advanced Light Helicopter (bottom), making the three soldiers using it at that moment to fall.

The soldiers sustained injuries, with one of them being seriously injured, but the Indian Army informed ANI that they are now out of danger.

The Indian Army has ordered a probe into the accident and suspended all slithering operations, including those during the parade, until the investigation is complete.