We all know who Harvey Weinstein is and what he did, but here’s a reminder anyway. The disgraced Hollywood mogul was recently accused by more than 80 women of various forms of sexual harassment, including rape – allegations that opened up a pandora’s box, leading to widespread movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up.

Well, as they say, what goes round comes around. Weinstein was dining with his therapy coach on January 9 at an upscale restaurant, Elements, in Scottsdale, Arizona, when a man identified only as “Steve” approached him. Expressing admiration for his films, Steve asked Weinstein for a picture, only to be turned down. The versions vary on this – Steve told TMZ that Weinstein was belligerent and said no, while a restaurant manager said he declined politely and was “sweet”.

Nevertheless, though the two men shook hands and parted ways, Steve approached the producer again as they were leaving while his friend recorded the video (above) of what happened next. Steve, who had reportedly had “quite a bit to drink” by now, marched up to Weinstein while berating him, and swiftly delivered two (mild) slaps.

“You’re such a piece of s**t for what you did to these women,” yelled Steve, after which Weinstein quietly left the restaurant. Weinstein declined to call the police or report the incident, even though a spokesperson confirmed TMZ’s story.