Maybe this is what might have happened when Harry Potter and Ron Weasley took an invisible flying car for a spin. But while that would have been special effects, this is real life.

In a bizarre incident on January 14, a speeding car is presumed to have soared through the air and plowed into the first floor of a building, which happened to be a dental office, where it got stuck. Thankfully no one was badly injured in the accident.

Here is the CCTV footage, followed by the dashcam footage from another car:

The crash occurred slightly before 5:30 AM near the intersection of French and 17th streets in Santa Ana, California, according to the Santa Ana Police Department. The driver of the white sedan, name undisclosed, was driving at high speed when the car hit a raised median on the road and became airborne. The Nissan Altima flew across the road without encountering any other vehicles and rammed into the building, also causing a small fire on impact.

According to Daniel Sanchez, a witness, the driver managed to get out of the vehicle, but remained dangling from the bottom of the car until rescue crews helped him down. The passenger in the vehicle, too, was rescued soon. “It was crazy, it really was,” Sanchez told NBC Los Angeles.

This video by RT shows the details of what happened afterwards:


The driver later admitted to being under the influence of narcotics and was rushed to a hospital along with the passenger, with what turned out to be minor injuries. The Orange County Fire Authority, meanwhile, posted images of the unbelievable scene on Twitter that quickly went viral:

Of course, online humorists jumped right in to poke fun at the incident, comparing the incident to Harry Potter and Grand Theft Auto, taking digs at Salman Khan and more.