In Kerala, Puthenveettil Sreejith, has been fighting for the past two years to get justice for his brother Sreejiv’s mysterious death while in police custody. Now, a powerful new song composed by Malayalam music director Gopi Sundar is aimed at gathering support for the cause. And it has quickly gone viral, reflecting wider backing for Sreejith’s crusade.

Sreejith began his protest in 2015 after the government initially refused to order a CBI inquiry into his brother’s death. What started as a protest with handmade posters and flyers turned into a hunger strike and, later, into a full-blown social media storm with the hashtag #justiceforsreejith.

Sundar posted this song – sung by himself, Sithara, Abhaya Hiranmayi, and Mohammed Maqbool Mansoor – on his Facebook page, stating that all the income generated from it will be given to Sreejith’s family. The lyrics of the song, written in Malayalam by BK Harinarayanan, include these lines: “You are not alone in your struggle. With fiery strength, we are there with you”.

While there is no doubt that a song about a popular movement keeps the composer in the limelight, it is for the right reasons, at least.