Donald Trump may be the most meme-ed and parodied President of the United States, or of any country, ever. The latest Trump parody (video above) comes in the form of a very popular, and mildly annoying, song that you will definitely have heard if you belong to this planet and use the internet. Do the words Gucci Gang ring a bell? Or Lil Pump, the very young rapper who created it?

Well, this parody version, in spite of the apparent use of auto-tune, is all the rage on the internet thanks to YouTuber grandayy. “China Gang” by “Lil Trump” adds some much needed Trump juiciness to the rap number, like his “love” for China, walls and Putin, and his disbelief in climate change. It can’t have been an easy task to have compiled and edited the footage of Trump, but it works seamlessly. Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics:

“China Gang China Gang China Gang China Gang China Gang China Gang China Gang (China)
Spend ten bil on a new wall (Bing)
My hands are very small (Whoa)
I bomb a town, I forgot its name (Boom)
I can’t make a deal on no climate change (No)
Rather go and buy China (Ka-ching)
My steak cost more than your rent (it do)
Your mom still live in Iran (Believe me)
Still be creatin new jobs
Me and Ivanka play golf
All this news be fake to me (fake)
Never pay tax, I’m intelligent (smart)
Got a red tie, cost hella G’s
F**k Hillary, f**k the DNC.”