The shameful attack on a school-bus by the Karni Sena, supposedly protesting against the film Padmaavat, has already taken a back-seat to newer instances of public violence. But the comedy group All India Bakchod, aka AIB, has made a video (above) that will ensure we remember the incident for some more time.

The sight of children – actors, it must be emphasised – cheerfully singing of the violence to the tune of The Wheels of the Bus Go Round And Round is a horrifying reminder of just what the Karni Sena did. Titled An Ode to Karni Sena, the video holds a black mirror to the polity today.

“Bus ki khidki khad khadke (The windows of the bus rattle)
Nikaal lo saari bhadaas humpe (Take out all your frustration on us)
Aakhir hum toh hain bacche (After all, we are only children)
Vote nahi kar sakte (We do not have a vote)”