The United’s States National Rifle Association has been relentless in its pro-gun propaganda. Their newest advertisement (video above), was released on February 12, two days before the Florida school shooting.

The ad depicts a TV broadcasting the news – specifically, clips of what US President Donald Trump would call “fake news” from “liberals” like John Oliver, pro-gun-control lobbyists, CNN anchors, and other similar “enemies” of the state. A man who silently watches the news then puts on a pair of safety glasses and smashes the TV with a sledgehammer, and words flash on the screen: “The truth is our greatest weapon.”

Another advertisement by the NRA (below) from earlier in February showed their spokesperson, Dana Loesch, threatening to burn a copy of The New York Times. The slogan says, “Fight their violence of lies with the fire of truth.”

As a GQ article pointed out, “The ad is especially baffling because the NRA has precious little to be angry about right now. Rates of gun violence and death in the US are astronomical, which serves both the NRA’s interests and also those of the gun manufacturing industry, since mass shootings often cause a spike in gun sales.”

The Florida school shooting on February 14, in which at least 17 high school student lost their lives, was the 18th school shooting in the United States in 2018 alone. The shooter was a 19-year-old former student, Nikolas Cruz, equipped with an AR-15, a semi-automatic assault rifle. It was found out later that Cruz had threatened his peers before, and collected guns at home.

A YouTuber also highlighted in a video (below) that in September 2017, Cruz had written a comment on one of his videos that said, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The YouTuber had reported the comment to YouTube and even to the FBI. However, even that failed to prevent the massacre.


The NRA remains unfazed, though. Grant Snitchfield, the man from the NRA advertisement, and Loesch responded to the school shooting with even more pro-gun propaganda, as the videos below reveal.

“As a parent watching this video, I never want anyone to be defenceless in the face of evil. I never want a teacher’s only defence to be using her arms to shield her class,” said Loesch, as she insisted that the only way the teacher could have fought back was with her own weapons. Snitchfield, meanwhile, commented – again making a case for guns, “You can have the bravest unarmed man – the strongest, bravest unarmed man is no match for an evil wolf with a gun.”

He also said, in another video (below), “Real Americans have one goal in common. We all want kids to be safe…the way you get to that point is to make sure that there is armed security.”