When John Lennon sang Imagine in 1971, he was asking us to picture a planet where people weren’t divided by countries and religions. It’s 2018, and people are arguing vehemently over whether the poop emoji should have a frowning face or not.

So Steve Mah’s parody of Lennon’s classic, titled Emojine, seems most apt.

Mah expresses his desire to rid the world of the paraphernalia of social media, including hashtags, emojis, clickbait, angry comment threads, and, of course, pedestrians using phones getting into accidents.

The lyrics ask us to “Imagine there’s no hashtags, I know it’s hard but try. No obnoxious clickbait, no Generation Y.”

Mah has one more request: “You may say I’m a Tweeter, but I only tried it once. I hope someday you will join me, in communications.”

(Oh, and he longs for a world with good grammar and spelling too.)