Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen led a team of explorers recently to discover a US aircraft carrier that sunk during World War II. The billionaire announced on his website that wreckage of the USS Lexington had been lying dormant in the Coral Sea found off the coast of eastern Australia. The team captured this underwater footage (above) of the carrier.

The Lexington fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942 alongside the USS Yorktown against three Japanese carriers. However, in the war with Japan, it was hit by multiple torpedoes and bombs. “As Americans, all of us owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who served and who continue to serve our country for their courage, persistence and sacrifice”, Allen said in a statement.

The Lexington, which came to be known as “Lady Lex”, was one of the first US air carriers ever built. According to Robert Kraft, the director of subsea operations for Allen, finding Lady Lex was their top priority as she was one of the finest ships that America lost in the war.