Flippy just became the newest employee of CaliBurger in Pasadena, California. He might also be “employee of the month”.

He flips burger patties, grills them, serves them, and then cleans the grill after he’s done. In fact his supervisor says in the video clip above that while working with Flippy is like a bit of a dance, he has no complaints about him, for Flippy works better than the average kitchen staff.

He should. Flippy is a robot, after all.

Made by Miso Robotics, Flippy combines 3D, thermal and regular vision to detect when raw burgers are placed on the grill and tracks them in real time throughout the cooking process. A screen displays the cooking time and also alerts the staff when the cheese needs to be placed. And, like robots, he hardly ever makes a mistake. Nor does he need toilet breaks.