Women screaming. Wild colours. Mysterious looks. Women boldly staring into the camera. Women breaking things. Hashtags. Pretentious shots. If those images remind you of International Women’s Day, that means you’re in tune with videos and campaigns launched by brands over the past years to “promote” women empowerment.

In the process, have videos celebrating Women’s Day unintentionally become formulaic and repetitive? Culture Machine’s YouTube Channel Blush, thinks so.

A video (above) by the YouTube Channel, released on Women’s Day, satirises these formulaic campaigns. Titled Every Women’s Day Video Ever, its reconstructs the formula with deadpan humour.

However, the intention isn’t solely to poke fun at such videos. As the description puts it: “If you think Women’s Day is overrated, look at the campaigns around it – the drama of diversity, the celebration of colour, the ramifications of religion, the flawlessness of fatness, and the overall belief that if we remind women that their #StruggleIsReal, it’ll be as much of a celebration than anything else. Right? Or maybe, just maybe, we could try something different. Skip the formula, ditch the dogma, and get real this International Women’s Day.”