Is Shashi Tharoor’s Hindi vocabulary as magnificent his mental depository of English words? Akash Banerjee, an independent journalist and host of political satire show Why So Serious?, boldly went where no one ventured before, to quiz “Tharoorosaurus Rex” on his Hindi vocabulary (video above).

Saying that he wished other politicians were equally willing to take a joke and take a “thandi goli” (chill pill), Banerjee proceeded to ask Tharoor all the tough questions featuring Hindi words and phrases like prem sankat, popat and laupad gamini.

Tharoor did falter with some of the twenty questions, but he made up fabulously with the others. When asked what “jumla” (empty promises) means, he demurely responded, “A jumla is what Mr Amit Shah and Mr Narendra Modi did to the nation in a series of speeches four years ago.”

However, the real winner of the show was his definition of “Achhe Din”: “It is this elusive concept...the Greek equivalent is ‘chimera’. It is something which people talk about but no one has ever seen. It floats in the elusive distance and as you approach it, it recedes further and further away.”