“The North East is by far the most overlooked part of India, both socially and politically,” says Azeem Banatwalla in the video above. Indeed, the seven sisters, as they are sometimes called, have a lot more going on than most people elsewhere in India are aware of.

“Yeah, about that,” quips Banatwalla. “Sikkim was added to the northeastern council almost 15 years ago. That’s eight states. But still – ‘seven sisters’. Because alliteration is more important than geography.”

It’s all jokes and humour at the beginning of the East India Comedy Outrage video. But even the comics know where to draw the line, and state, “Given the serious nature of this story, it’s a bit lighter on the joke side.”

The explainer from EIC is on the sensitive issue of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act , aka AFSPA, in the North East, and why it needs to be repealed with “least possible delay”.