A male western lowland gorilla named Louis has become a viral sensation across the internet. The 18-year-old Louis has caught everyone’s fancy thanks to his preference for walking upright like humans whenever he has his hands full (literally).

Zookeepers at the Philadelphia zoo filmed the gorilla casually walking around earlier this month. He was holding a delicious treat reserved for him - tomatoes.

The zoo officials explained that while most gorillas don’t walk on two legs, Louis has a habit of doing this often. “He can often be seen walking bipedal when his hands are full of snack or when the ground is muddy (so he doesn’t get his hands dirty)!” the video description read.

Reactions to the video have been mixed. While some viewers are delighted, others are taken aback. “I have been a gorilla lover for many years thanks to the book, Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey...they fascinate me...this one is special,” one person wrote.

Another one felt differently. “There is something unnerving about seeing him walk like that,” she commented. A third had a question. “Do gorillas do this in the wild or only when they have people to copy ?”

The zoo-keepers hope that the popularity of the video will help spread awareness of western lowland gorillas, currently an endangered species.