In a hilarious clip from a live segment on Fox News (above), an ex-military officer, while making a PSA about the purchase of military trained dogs, announced, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Financier Jeffrey Epstein’s death took place in jail, where he was arrested for sex trafficking of dozens of young girls at his Upper East Side mansion, his home in Palm Beach, Florida and his private island. He died awaiting trial, pleading “not guilty” to sex trafficking charges and sexual abuse charges, many of which date back to the early 2000s.

His death sparked more than a little speculation about whether it was suicide indeed. Theories (with evidence to back them) subsequently turned into a seemingly evergreen meme.

Although it began as a meme about the alleged absurdity idea of terming his death a suicide, the meme has also come to embody a shattering of the grand notion of the opulent American dream, and the greed associated with it.

Epstein now symbolises men who believed they could do as they pleased, with the support of an inner ring of powerful people. He had even hoped to “seed the human race with his DNA”, and had some of the world’s best scientists in eugenics working with him. However, he was outed when women who had been abused by him and his circle finally spoke out. Subsequently, many more came forward.

Allegations against Epstein included the recruiting, sex trafficking and abuse of multiple girls over the years, some as young as 14. The allegations implicated numerous men he was connected to, and some were photographed with the young girls as well.

These connections include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, the Duke of York Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Nobel laureates in physics Murray Gell-Mann and Frank Wilczek, academics from MIT and many more.

Some of these have not only been named by Epstein’s accusers, but also been placed on the same jet plane (nicknamed “Lolita Express”) he used to traffic young girls, according to logs obtained by Gawker.

These men were also entertained at locations where the girls were allegedly abused by multiple people. His partner, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was implicated as instrumental in recruiting the girls.

The sheer number and social strata of people who would have been implicated in the trials, and ostensibly gone down with him in convictions, is what has people convinced of conspiracy.

As such, his death and the memes surrounding the nature of his death have almost turned into convenient designators of the idea that the rich and powerful people at the top can really make anything “go away,” as it were.

While the man in the video above is being called a “national treasure,” here are some of the recent “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes:

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