An American man named Mike Hughes is convinced that the earth is flat. Not that he’s the only one, but he is probably the first to fly a homemade rocket to prove his hypothesis. The idea, presumably, was to take a look for himself.

The 61-year-old managed to reach a height of around 1,875 feet in his rocket, soaring above the Mojave desert. His landing wasn’t very smooth but he told Associated Press that he was completely fine and just had a bit of a backache.

This is Hughes’ second time doing this. He did the same thing in 2014 and flew to a height of more than 1,300 feet somewhere in Arizona. The previous expedition was tougher, and he collapsed after landing. It took him three days to make a full recovery.

“Do I believe the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee? I believe it is,” he said. “Do I know for sure? No. That’s why I want to go up in space.”