Why would someone throw their dog off a plane? And that too without a parachute? There is no defence for such a wretched and cruel act.

Those are probably your thoughts at the start of the video above. It’s what many social media users were wondering when they saw a still from the video on their feeds. Like skydiving wasn’t already scary enough, seeing an innocent dog about to be launched into the sky without any safety is heart-stopping.

But have no fear. We know it looks like the doggo is falling to its death, but not only will Karma the Corgi make it, he’ll also have a gala time. Because what you see is nothing but an optical illusion playing tricks on your mind. And if you saw the video, you’d know what look like the sky and clouds are nothing but heaps of snow. If you don’t believe it, check out the corgi’s adorable Instagram account, where the video was originally posted. Hurray for happy endings.

The internet, however, is now obsessed with this thrilling roller coaster of emotions and suspense and the video has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter.

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