In the wake of serious concerns about Facebook’s data security after the firm Cambridge Analytica obtained information of millions of users, the social media site has faced severe backlash as a number of users are threatening to delete their accounts. If you’re one of those people, Stephen Colbert has brought us the perfect alternative.

In the video above, Colbert shows how Facebook has collected information about each of its users, and keeps a record of “some pretty crazy stuff”, like all calls made from your phone, a detailed list of your family members, even a complicated algorithm of your face.

So as a solution to the trending #DeleteFacebook, the talk show host announced the launch of his very own version of Facebook called “Amishbook”. It promises to be just like Facebook, except without electricity. Unlike Facebook, Amishbook doesn’t require the internet to function, because all you need is a real book where you can write down anything you like, and share it with your friends by handing it to them to read. It’s so simple.