Can bats be adorable? Why not, especially when they’re newborn?

Watch the video above, of a baby fruit bat held by a human hand, and try to deny the cuteness. Many on the internet could not, even comparing the bat to a puppy.

The newborn bat was found by twitter user Fredrik Jutfelt, who is an eco-physiologist, fish researcher and associate professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Jutfelt found the baby bat after it fell out of a tree and gauged that the mammal must be about two weeks old. He posted the precious videos of the tiny creature and joked in one of the captions, “I am terror. I am the night.”

Jutfelt took a liking for the tiny creature, perhaps when it protectively hugged his fingers. It’s uncertain whether he has permanently adopted it or is just minding it till it grows older.


Fruit bats, who are also called Megabat or flying fox in some regions, are found in tropical and subtropical areas of Eurasia, Africa and Oceania. Unlike some other bats, these herbivorous bats don’t navigate by echolocation, and happen to have excellent vision.

And, as has now been established, they have cute babies. This is how some internet users reacted. One person made a music mash-up of the video, while others just professed their love.