John Oliver has a thing for going after inefficient, unjust and corrupt practices and laws in America. His recent takedown is of the abortion laws in the US, particularly the centres that aim to assist women in crisis, otherwise known as “crisis pregnancy centres” or CPCs.

On his show (video above) Oliver focussed his main story on CPCs trying to talk women out of getting an abortion. Confusing women about their medical options they will have, in reality they emotionally manipulate women into having their babies, he alleged.

To prove his point, Oliver started his very own mobile crisis pregnancy centre, called “Vanned Parenthood”, along with actor Rachel Dratch, showing that such a centre can be run by people completely unqualified to offer medical advice – such as Oliver or Dratch – without breaking any laws.

“The point is this is all perfectly legal, and there’s absolutely nothing stopping us from parking outside an abortion clinic tonight and harassing people first thing in the morning and frankly there really should be”, explained Oliver.