The “made in China” label is ubiquitous. And people around the world are sometimes suspicious of it, wondering if the product has been made in a sweatshop. Yet, no one can avoid using phones and TV sets, among other things, made in China.

But with a trade war looming between China and America, will this change? And what do the Chinese themselves think of products made in their own country? Watch the video above for some answers.

“I prefer Chinese products”, said one pedestrian, as Asian Boss conducted interviews with people. Most Chinese say they buy local, and when they see the “made in China” tag, they feel reassured about the quality.

And what do they think of “made in America”? Well, first, does that even exist, when just about everything is made in China? Some Chinese say they question that tag. “China provides America with the machines to make their products”, said an interviewee. “In fact, American products are only a status symbol”.