On Thursday evening, commuters in Des Moines, Iowa, USA were probably expecting the usual traffic on their way home. What they certainly hadn’t bargained for was to find Southeast Sixth Street hijacked by a giant inflatable ducky.

Marc Wallace, the local resident who shot the video above, was just as surprised as everyone else to see a yellow, inflatable duck with sunglasses rolling down the road along with cars. Apparently, the ducky had been untethered by strong winds around 7 pm, and was forced to go on a rampage for two whole blocks before it came to a halt.

The duck, called “Quacky”, is owned by Youth Emergency Shelter and Services, according to Des Moines Register, who put it on display to promote the non-profit’s 11th annual Duck Derby. YESS hopes to release 37,000 rubber ducks on May 5 and raise $250,000 for the organisation.

Fortunately Quacky reached home safe and sound. Stephen Quirk, CEO of YESS, told Des Moines Register, “I am happy to report the duck is back home in its nest and very safe and undamaged.”