Writers on Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to let children write jokes for the show recently. The results for yourself.

As Kimmel’s team put it: “Take your daughters and sons to work day was last week and we had a bunch of kids here in the office. Our writers, in keeping with their never-ending quest to do as little as possible asked their kids to write jokes for them and come up with material for Jimmy to share on the show.”

Some of the puns were as good as they get. Consider this one: “What do you call it when the sky is filled with a whirlwind of cats?” The answer? “A purr-icane”.

Kimmel called the exercise “the most adorable violation of child labour laws.”

Another joke went, “Why did the cow jump over the moon?” The child who wrote the joke answered, “To get away from his crazy ex-wife!”

And here’s a cat joke written by a child named Sy: “What do you call it when flaming cats come falling down to earth? A catastrophe”. Kimmel remarked, “I’m hoping Sy doesn’t have any animals in the home.”