Somewhere in North Asheville, USA, a parked Toyota Prius was invaded by three bears, fresh out of hibernation and ravenous as a result. They innocently climbed in to search for food. Luckily for us, this rare incident was caught on video.

One of the bears, who possibly caught the smell of food wafting out of the open window of a parked car, decided to check it out for himself. He then put two paws up at the window and tumbled into the vehicle – to be swiftly followed by two others.

The video was posted on Facebook by Mark Lewis, who wrote, “This is what happens when you leave groceries in your car with the windows partially open...three young bears bust the window, climb in and help themselves.”

Mike Carraway, a wildlife biologist, told local newspaper The Citizen Times that the story is a good lesson for residents of Asheville. “Bears are pretty smart to begin with, and they’re really good at remembering where they got food before,” he said. “So if somebody left the car windows open and they just went to McDonald’s and the bear finds it, they’re going to start looking at every car as a potential meal.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of North Carolina, Twitter user Sarah Taggett caught a young black bear on video on East Carolina University’s campus, outside the dining hall: