Making friends is easy for children but difficult for adults. An online poll conducted by the Campaign to End Loneliness in the United Kingdom, in partnership with YouGov, revealed that more than half of adults, 54 percent, hadn’t made a new friend in “a long time”. The reason cited by almost half – 49 percent – was that their busy lives kept them from connecting with other people.

The poll also revealed that 82 percent of adults who believe there is a division between people also think that moments of connection, such as making small talk in public spaces or smiling at people, can break down those divisions. Even more, 88 percent, believe that these small connections are a valuable way to tackle loneliness.

In response, the campaign launched a nationwide movement called “Be More Us” to inspire people to tackle loneliness, make new connections, and to be “more together”, “more open”, “more us”. The video above takes inspiration from “the experts”, aka children, to show the heartwarming results when people make the effort.