A herd of 22 wild goats have wreaked havoc on a rural town in Ireland. The goats, absurdly, have terrorised the town to an extent that they’re causing trouble for road users, businesses and local population in Ennis, County Clare.

According to The Independent, councillors called the animals “a huge frustration” since they were causing car crashes and risking the lives of motorists, climbing on top of vehicles, frequenting shops and establishments and gardens at night time, and “procreating like there is no tomorrow”. And the problem didn’t start recently – it’s been there for weeks.

The situation ultimately reached a point where authorities not only decided to install signs warning drivers about the goats, but also considered castrating the animals and/or relocating them – only after rejecting ideas of putting them down. The herd is apparently fond of wandering across busy roads, and is continually expanding in size because of the aforementioned procreation.

“The disturbance that these goats are causing in the locality is totally unacceptable,” The Independent quoted Clare Mayor Tom McNamara as saying.