Remember that time in March when people thought Wakanda was real and wanted to help the fictional Marvel-universe African nation? Apparently, some people continue to believe that Wakanda is indeed real. For example, the college professor in the video above.

In the video, you can see reddit user AlexeyShved1 delivering a nearly 11-minute-long presentation. His description: “Just a short presentation that I made for my International Marketing class about the power struggle that has engulfed the small African nation of Wakanda.”

The only person who seems to be unaware that Wakanda isn’t real is the professor, who bought every single word of the presentation.

The mischievous student explained the situation on reddit. “I mentioned Wakanda the day before jokingly and she questioned it, so I offered to do a presentation about the country and their power struggle. She was incredibly excited to learn about a country she had never heard of so I gave this.”

He added that his professor was “super curious” and believed him the entire time – until she went home and Googled the country. “She asked me about it later and I just told her that the entire class was in on the joke and she thought it was funny,” he wrote. “She’s also the type of person who only watches tennis on TV so she had no clue what Black Panther was until we told her about the movie shortly afterwards.”

Lucky for him, the presentation wasn’t graded.

You can also watch a shorter version of the presentation with subtitled below: