In order to avoid questions on rumours about being transferred to another club, French footballer Antoine Griezmann — who played last season for Spanish team Atletico Madrid — refused to answer questions in languages other than French at a press conference. Getting the reporters to ask the questions in French was also an attempt at keeping the conversation focussed on France’s pursuit of the World Cup 2018.

A Spanish journalist came up with a smart way to bypass the rule. Pedro Morata of radio network Cadena SER typed his question (about whether Griezmann was going to stay at Atletico Madrid or not) into Google Translate on his phone and held the microphone to the speaker as the voice from the app began to speak.

Clever as Morata’s approach was, the France’s media director for the world cup shut down his question and asked him to pass the microphone to the next person. Morata’s cheek earned him compliments online.