Five-year-old Ian likes to go to the Nashville Zoo often with his father, Patrick Parker. Since the family has a membership, there’s no reason for the little boy not to visit as often as possible. So when Ian and his father heard about a new Andean bear, they had to make a trip.

Luckily for them, reported Fox17, Luka the Andean bear was out to play. The bear had just jumped into the water when it spotted Ian and other children jumping up and down – probably with excitement. What happened next, captured in the video above, is spreading joy all over the internet.

Because when Luka spotted Ian jumping up and down, it made its way over to the glass and started to jump along with Ian, copying him move for move. Next thing, Luka and Ian were jumping in unison, and not just once or twice – according to Parker, the jumping session lasted ten full minutes, tiring out both bear and boy by the end.