Trigger warning: A dramatic video from Thailand shows a large python tightly coiled around a black dog, in what seems to be a losing battle for the canine. Fortunately, the dog is rescued by a group of men, who jump into the tangle with nothing but their bare hands and a few broom sticks.

The video shows the black dog writhing in the python’s clutches, while another dog barks to call attention to the fracas. At one tense moment, the reptile looks like it has succeeded – the black dog lies motionless on the road. Nevertheless, in proof that humanity still exists, the dog’s human rescuers continue to try to wrench the python away. They succeed, and the canine springs back to life and runs as quickly as possible, while the python slithers away in defeat.

The video was originally posted on Facebook last week by Ake Srisuwan and has since gone viral, reported Thai Visa News. Reports said the incident took place in Chiang Mai.