Women in Saudi Arabia have been celebrating in style since the country’s ban on female drivers was lifted on June 24. Videos of women taking cars onto the streets to drive victory laps were posted on social media soon after the ban was lifted. Women are now able to drive legally and can obtain driving licenses for the first time in the country’s history.

To coincide with the historic day, a Saudi woman released a rap video on YouTube called “We are Driving”. The song, by singer Leesa from the country’s Hijaz region, offered safety tips to drivers and emphasised the importance of putting on a seatbelt, according to Gulf News.

“Don’t forget that today is the tenth day and this means no need for taxis. I am not kidding, today I can serve [drive] myself,” Leesa sings in the music video. The tenth day corresponds to June 24, the day the ban was lifted, according to the tenth month of the lunar-based Islamic calendar, Shawwal.