If you live in Maharashtra and happen to spot any owls around your house, it’s time to rejoice. Because that may just be your admission ticket to Hogwarts Yanche Navin Marathi Vidyalay in Pune. Yes, haven’t you heard? Hogwarts just opened up a new branch in Pune, and Hari Potdar is attending.

Or at least so the video above by Bharatiya Digital Party would have you believe. The video, which imagines Hogwarts as a Marathi school, follows the journey of a young Hari in Pune right from the moment he receives his Hogwarts letter.

With the help of the gentle giant Hagrat Mama, Hari heads to Diegun Alley near Pune’s ABC Chowk, and heads off to Gringotts Co-Operative Bank for a direct deposit (note that the magical world is magical indeed, for there’s no need to link your Aadhaar). There he runs into Rounya Vizli as they both search for Platform 9¾, before the Marathi Hogwarts is in session.

You’ll meet all of your favourite characters in the video, like Himani, Bumbledore and Sanap, but the highlight of the school experience is definitely the Quidditch.