If life gives you a lemon...make a video.

Twitter user Mike Sakasegawa followed a lemon for quarter of a mile (about 0.4 kilometres) as it rolled down a hill near his San Diego home, filming the citrus fruit’s adventure in a two-minute long video. Soon, the lemon achieved internet stardom as millions of people viewed the video and even posted messages of respect for the determination and stamina the fruit demonstrated as it rolled over obstacles like broken pavements and potholes.

Sakasegawa, who is a photographer, noticed the lemon after he finished his morning run. “As a photographer, a lot of what I take pictures of, and just sort of one of the things I try and do, is elevate the ordinary and mundane and find things that are beautiful and entertaining,” he said.

The lemon even went with him to his home, where it was found that the fruit weighed 262 grams.

Even he doesn’t know why the video went viral. “I don’t know that there’s really any rhyme or reason for why something gets big on the internet,” he told BuzzFeed News. “Some people have mentioned they find it soothing or relaxing,” he added. “Some people find it inspiring – they’re rooting for the lemon to go as far as it can.”