A video of a school student from Yemmemadu village in Kodagu district, Karnataka, asking Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy to provide relief to the rain-affected farmers of the region has gone viral on social media.

In a video posted on YouTube, Kalera Fateh, a class eight student, accused the Kumaraswamy of neglecting the district in his recent state Budget. “The relentless rain has destroyed rice, coffee, pepper, areca nut crops. The heavy rains have forced elephants to move, due to which crops have been damaged. The roads are full of trucks stranded due to the rain,” Kalera said.

Kumaraswamy reacted to the video and stated that he will visit the region soon and inspect the damage caused by the rain.

“I had told KG Bopaiah (MLA of Virajpet) in the Vidhana Sabha that I will come to Kodagu for two days and understand your pain. Did the 70-year old problem start two months ago? In seventy years, the government should have fixed the problems right? Now you are telling me. It has not been even two months since I came to power. Should you not give an opportunity?” Kumaraswamy said, according to The News Minute.

Whether the video was made spontaneously or at someone’s behest is not known.