The members of the young Thai football team spoke to the media for the first time since they were miraculously found and rescued from a cave in which they were stuck for almost two weeks.

Dressed in identical team t-shirts, they thanked the experts who saved their lives and recounted stories of the time they spent in the cave and of the rescue mission that the world followed with bated breath.

The coach of the Wild Boars junior football team, Ekapol “Ake” Chanthawong explained why they went into the cave in the first place. He said the June 23 trip to the cave was simply because “each of us wanted to see what was inside.” But it began raining and soon water filled the cavern, cutting off their escape.

Adun Sam-On, the 14-year-old who became famous after responding in English to the first diver to reach the group, recounted the moment they were found. “I thought this was really a miracle. I didn’t know how to respond,” Adun said.

Doctors treating the boys declared all of them to be physically and mentally healthy.

The press conference also took an emotional turn when they discussed the loss of Saman Kunan, the Thai Navy SEAL who died during the rescue effort.

Here’s the entire press conference: