Elon Musk has recently been the king of controversy, what with calling the man who rescued children from the Thai cave “pedo guy” on twitter and dismissing journalists’ questions as “boneheaded”. This offensive streak, plus the fact that Tesla cars have spontaneously caught fire or crashed owing to a malfunctioning autopilot system, have hurt the company sorely.

However, things are looking up for Tesla and its co-founder and CEO Musk. Last week, Tesla stocks soared after the company reported better margins in the second quarter and promised to turn a profit in the remaining quarters of the year.

How did Musk celebrate? By posting a popular meme video of Adolf Hitler from the 2004 film Downfall (video above). YouTuber Michael March cleverly and hilariously customised the often-parodied video on August 2 to portray Hitler as a furious and defeated Tesla short-seller.

However, many think Musk may just have got himself into trouble again by posting the clip.