Bus drivers are usually strict with passengers who try to hitch free rides. However, one of them allowed a particular free-rider to stay, refusing to even move him. For it was a stray dog, and the driver from Chile has now won hundreds of thousands of hearts.

Apparently, the dog had boarded the bus in Santiago on Sunday with a man whom the driver assumed was the dog’s owner. He told Reuters that he only realised the dog was a stray when the man got off at the last stop after forty minutes, while the dog remained curled up on a seat. Acknowledging the cold outside, the kind bus driver decided to let the dog stay on and recorded a video (above) of the little brown pup.

“I did not want to take him off the bus because he was so cold,” said Cristhian Lizama Fuentes, the bus driver, in the video which he posted on social media. “There are passengers who regularly dirty the seats and throw litter on the floor. The dog just sits there and enjoys the ride.”

Fuentes told Reuters that he went to buy breakfast for the dog after he recorded the video, but came back to find it gone.