A man wearing a Batman costume was asked to pull over by the police in Ontario, Canada as he cruised down the road in his Batmobile. But unlike in some of the stories about the Dark Knight, it was not because they were chasing down the anti-hero of Gotham City.

As it turned out, Stephen Lawrence – otherwise known as Brampton Batman – was driving back from a car show in full costume when the officer made him stop on the side of the road so she could get a picture with him.

Lawrence said on the Canadian radio As it Happens that his car was attracting curious glances from motorists, many of whom were also taking pictures. “I don’t want to get the officer into any trouble at all because...they do get excited when they see something unusual,” he said. “I try to avoid this because not only is it illegal, but also it is unsafe.”

He waved down a police officer and asked that the drivers be stopped from doing this. The same police cruiser then followed him. “I pulled over, jumped out and I asked the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) officer, ‘Is everything OK?’” Lawrence said. That was when the police officer asked him for a photo with his car. The video of Lawrence’s Batman getting out of the car for the picture was posed on social media.

According to CBC, Lawrence has been dressing up as Batman for many years and patrolling the city of Brampton in his Batmobile.