As election season approaches in several states, the videos are beginning to appear as well to fire up voters. Inevitably, one of the earliest among them has fallen back on popular cinema for its imagery, representing BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as Baahubali, the eponymous hero of the two-part epic fantasy film series.

The video, posted on the YouTube channel Beyondust Digital Studio, takes scenes from the SS Rajamouli film and edits them using images of BJP and Congress leaders of the state.

According to News 18, the state cooperative affairs minister, Vishwas Sarang said, “We did not make this video but it’s true that the public has accepted that Chouhan is Baahubali after seeing his development, public welfare and sensitivity. Bhallaldevs of Congress destroyed the state for 10 years and Baahubali will decimate them.”

Congress leader Shobha Oza criticised the BJP for diverting attention from important issues using these videos. “Only time will tell them who is Baahubali and who is Bhalladev. The voters of the state will decide. But the language used by the leaders of the ruling party is inappropriate,” she said.