Remember building cars with Lego blocks in your childhood and making driving noises while you moved them around? They played that game at the Lego company recently.

The team at Lego has built replica of a Bugatti Chiron with one million LEGO Technic pieces. These pieces are capable of interlocking and can form more complex shapes and structures than the standard Lego pieces.

The car has two seats, working lights and even rearview mirrors. But the most mid-boggling aspect of this auto achievement is that it can actually be driven around, powered by an 80-volt battery and 2,304 of the company’s Power Function toy motors.

Taking things a little further, LEGO did a test drive of the $2 million car on Bugatti’s own test track in Germany and posted a video of the test drive. According to Top Gear, it is theoretically capable of achieving a top speed of 18 mph, but there is still time to get there.

Here is another video for those who want to see the how it was made.