After analysing nearly 18,000 tweets from Narendra Modi (as chief minister and prime minister), comedian-turned-data analyst Akash Banerjee has turned his attention to the challenger, to find out what Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been up to on twitter, and how he matches up to Modi (video above).

The answer: not very effectively, not just yet. Gandhi has been lagging behind on all numerical fronts, having joined much later, tweeted far less, and having far fewer followers. Just about the only dimension on which he seems ahead at the moment is that he gets retweeted more than Modi does.

But, as a sentiment analysis reveals, not only does Gandhi trail behind on positivity, his silence is also deafening when it comes to sensitive issues for the Congress, as Banerjee wickedly points out: nepotism in politics or the CWG scam, for instance. The comedian also reminds “Rahul Baba” that India does not live on twitter alone.