A video of two Bharatiya Janata Party youth wing leaders firing shots in the air during a celebration in Bairagarh of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh has gone viral.

The video, posted by ANI, shows national executive member of BJP Youth Morcha (BJPYM), Rahul Rajput, firing a revolver into the air during his birthday celebrations on Sunday. The BJPYM’s Bhopal district president Nitin Dubey followed with a gunshot of his own.

According to reports, a complaint was filed with the Bairagarh police. Mahendra Singh Chouhan, in charge of the police station told PTI, “I am yet to go through the complaint received in the police station about the celebratory firing. Celebratory firing even using a licensed gun is a violation of the law. The complainant has also submitted videos.”

Rajput claimed that it was not a revolver. “I am a responsible person,” he said. “It was a China-made air gun and not my licensed revolver. Our workers were celebrating my birthday. One of the workers requested me and Nitin to fire so we used his air gun to fire in the air.”