As speculation continues over an anonymous op-ed in The New York Times supposedly written by a senior official inside the Trump administration, late night show host Stephen Colbert investigated a few clues about who the author might be.

Trump has reportedly been on the hunt for the author of the piece. On the latest episode of his show, Colbert pointed out that a top official in the government, who told the President to just “let it pass,” may just be the guy the President was looking for – White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Colbert quickly trained his detective skills on Vice President Mike Pence, however. Pence has denied writing the op-ed and told Fox News, “I would agree to take [a lie detector test] in a heartbeat.” Colbert decided to take him up on his offer and give him a “lie detector test”, just to be safe.

Although Colbert’s interview with Pence is fake, it does provide hilarious insight into what the Vice President might possibly feel about Trump.