The arrival of an unruly customer led to a bar being cleared out in France. The culprit: a young racehorse. The animal escaped her handler and, sensibly, headed for the nearest sports bar, sending customers fleeing for safety.

The trainer, Jean-Marie Beguignem told newspaper Ouest-France that he lost control of the horse as she was being led from the stable to the racecourse, located about 50 kilometers to the north of Paris. The incident, which was caught on a security camera, shows the horse causing utter chaos as she entered the bar and ran about from one end to the other.

“There was quite a panic,” bar owner Stephane Jasmin told Reuters. “I still can’t quite believe it happened.” According to Beguignem, the horse has a “penchant for escape.” The fugitive was captured, however, and returned to her stable, and no one was injured.