As wildfires raged on in California in the United States, families scrambled to escape through roads lined with burning trees and flames.

Many took videos from their cars as they drove, and one such video, in which a father tried to keep his daughter calm by singing to her, has gone viral. Joe Allen and his three-year-old daughter, Olivia, were driving from the town of Paradise to Chico in one car while his wife, Whitney, was following them in another.

“There’s so much fire here,” Olivia was heard saying in the video recorded by Allen. “We’re gonna get on fire.” He then proceeded to calm her down by crooning Baby, it’ll be all right at one point. Whitney Allen posted the video on her Facebook page

The family’s effort ended safely as they managed to escape. The whole family is currently in Chico, according to NBC News.

Reports said more than 31 people died across the state and with 200 people still unaccounted for on Sunday. Several other locals, who were witness to the extent of the fires, also posted terrifying videos from ground zero.