A video of a farmer in Madhya Pradesh throwing himself at the feet of the district collector, asking for electricity for a transformer in his village, has gone viral, painting a stark picture of the extent of farmers’ distress.

The farmer, Ajit Jatav, who is from Shivpuri’s Kolaras tehsil , had deposited the money for an electricity connection to power heavy water pumps for his fields, but without success, reported NDTV. Jatav went to the district collector, Anugrah P, to seek her help and a video of his desperate please to her in front of her office – said to be from December 28 – was posted by ANI.

According to News 18, the state electricity department General Manager RK Agrawal said Jatav was given the connection he was seeking after the video was brought to their attention. State Cooperatives Minister Govind Singh said the incident would be escalated to Chief Minister Kamal Nath.”Farmers are the priority of the government,” he stated. “We will ensure they are not put to any difficulty.”