An 11-month-old baby was miraculously found alive in the rubble from a building collapse in Russia. The boy, named Ivan, was trapped for more than 36 hours in sub-zero temperatures under the debris in the city of Magnitogorsk. The video footage captured the moment rescuers found him wrapped in a blanket in his cot.

His mother also survived the blast caused by a suspected gas explosion, which killed at least 14 people. According to the BBC, the Russian health ministry said Ivan suffered severe frostbite to his limbs, multiple leg fractures and a head injury but was conscious. He was driven to a children’s hospital where his mother met him.

“One of the rescuers in our group, Andrei Valman, heard a child crying near the adjacent apartment block, near the part that was still standing.” one rescuer, Pyotr Gritsenko, said. They began removing the rubble once they were certain there was a child trapped under it, he added. As of Wednesday, 27 people remained unaccounted for, following the collapse.