Russian-German DJ Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, recently tweeted a video of a new art installation in his house – and it is much more than meets the eyes.

Artist Dante Dentoni replaced a part of a wall in Zedd’s house with innovatively-themed “rooms” built with Lego bricks.

At first glance, the art looks like a colourful collection of Lego bricks, but as Zedd shows in the video, there are “hidden rooms” inside: the “Omnia” room, inspired by a club in Las Vegas where Zedd has residency, an “alien abduction” room which puts on display a man getting abducted by aliens – complete with arrangements for taking a selfie – a “paradise” room, and much more.

The colourful installation sits entwined within a white pillar, and looks nothing short of spectacular.