The latest episode of political satirist-comic Kunal Kamra’s web series Shut Up Ya Kunal features BJP’s Shweta Shalini and the Aam Aadmi Party’s Atishi.

The discussion on the 43-minute long episode pans from issues like Ram Temple dispute and hijacking of private institutions like CBI to state of education in the country. Like other episodes of the show, this one too features hilarious edits of news channel clips to add context to the claims made by politicians.

The host asked some pertinent questions to the guests. To a question on why Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows abusers on Twitter, Shalini said that the plan is to ignore such people and not give them a response. Atishi was asked why she removed her surname on twitter, to which she replied that her communist parents added the “Marlena” title as an inspiration from Marx and Lenin, but landed her in a caste debate.